Thursday, August 7, 2008

A rant - and a bit of a rave

Well, I came on to the computer determined to 'crack' the problem of how to put the lovely awards on and to link back to the people who gave them to me. This stuff is seriously headache-inducing and has made me turn to chocolate! Will have another go tomorrow ....

Posted a picture of a bag I made for a wedding - it's the same technique as the hydrangea cushion (TBC) I posted before, and it brings back happy memories of a lovely day! (If someone can tell me why the photo is sideways-on and how to 'tweak' it you'll make me very happy!) Meanwhile you'll just have to lean to the left!

I did promise a 'rant' - and here it is. (This is mostly for those of you who live in the UK but the general principles regarding 'fashion' may apply elsewhere?)

My favourite store has always been Marks and Spencer. I have bought some stunning outfits here in the past but now when I go in there is absolutely nothing that I want to buy. I have to say that this applies to other high street store as well but it is M&S that I feel has particularly let me down - and yes, I am taking it personally!

As a lady of mature years who still has a sense of style, and an even greater sense of what suits her body shape and size, I search the store for flattering, wearable clothes.

Yes, along with most other people of my age, I've got 'bingo wings' but search in vain for clothes with sleeves - I wore 'puff sleeves' as a child and still feel very childish when I try them on. Stretchy, tight-fitting T-shirts are another 'no no' - how many people, whatever their age, do you see without at least a tiny 'spare tyre'? I see young people with 'muffin tops' walking around 'letting it all hang out' but that's not what our generation want to do. The 'smock' top is everywhere but that takes me right back to when I last wore them - when I was pregnant. And that's a long time ago!

The ethos of 'Per Una' seems to be 'tear it off and stitch it back on somewhere else - as a frill, of course. And as for their 'Classic Collection' ... surely that's only for people who wear clothes to keep warm?

Please tell me that I'm not just being a 'grumpy old woman' (I quite like being one sometimes)? I still have a waist and I don't feel 'old' and I don't want to be a 'frump' - but I don't want to dress like a teenager either!

I love clothes and I do have (just a little) money to spend but find it very difficult to do so these days. I have several friends who feel the same and we voice our opinion whenever we get the chance - but is anyone listening? It appears not.

So this afternoon I made a skirt. Out came the sewing machine and it took less than an hour. No one else has one like it and it cost me £12. Bring it on!

Oh, yes - the 'rave' bit. Last week I (like trillions of others) tried to 'cap' my fuel tarrif. This involved talking to a 'call centre'. The very thought makes my heart sink into my boots. However, after talking to not one, but two, utterly charming and helpful young people whom I could understand I told them I was staying with their company - 'E-on' - for that very reason. Nice to hand out a few bouquets occasionally!


Lynne said...

From one grumpy old woman to another - I bought three outfits from M & S as a treat for losing weight a few weeks ago. Very nice until they went into the washer and then they changed personality - I will never buy anything from there again - very disappointed. My DH capped with Eon just in time - very helpful!! I love the wedding bag - beautiful.

Anonymous said...

well all I know about marks and spencers is you cant buy undies (knicker) anywhere else....according to my English friends. I do agree with your GOW rant about fashion - A muffin top is barely acceptable on a 18yo - but an fat -streched marked to the hilt - mother of three (me not you!)....yechh.

had to laugh at your bingo arm description - we call them tuckshop (school lunch)lady arms.

Jackie said...

Little did I think, when I was young, there would come a time when I would be ashamed to show my arms!
I entirely agree about fashion.
And the bag is beautiful.

ANNA said...

I too feel a grumpy old woman and know just what you mean about M&S - I was a Per Una fan until I realised just how badly made their 'raggedy' clothes are especially for the price. I have recently been making 'raggedy' styled costumes (my rust and snow white - which is nearly finished) but even I finish off the inside so the wearer would be comfortable. I also agree about sleeves - I look for 3/4 to cover my wings.

Linda said...

Hi - thanks for visiting my blog...I've enjoyed reading through yours. I was going to send you an email, but couldn't find a link - have I missed it?
I'm the same about a blank page - but Sarah's instructions help you get over that hurdle. Also you learn to be brave and not worry about making mistakes (at least thats my goal - not sure I'm there yet!). Just have a go, you've nothing to lose - except a few inhibitions.
Linda x

Anonymous said...

g'day! thank you so much for lunch - a lovely treat! Never mind sleeves in M&S have you tried to buy a pair of trousers that come up to the waist but arent big enough for a hippo? What on earth is the natural waist anyway cos I dont think I've got one of those! I wish I could sew............

Linda said...

Still can't find your email address, sorry!
Sarah's instructions for the Soul Journal are here
Email me so then I will have yours.

Elliemac said...

Lovely little bag and I quite fancy that scarf as well.
I can't agree more with you about muffin tops. Yes, I am the owner of one but there is no way I am going to display it - I sometimes wonder if some of these youngsters ever look in a mirror.