Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting there!

This is just a vey quick progress report. I now have walls (painted) and floors. Everything is very white and stark, just waiting for some colour to be introduced. A blank canvas, you might say?

I seem to have been walking aimlessly around, tape measure in hand, mumbling "105 centimetres, tea with two sugars and coffee with one sugar ... , etc ..."

All that is going to change this weekend as I take a break from the cleaning and refresh myself ready for the week ahead. The exciting bit is yet to come!


Lyn said...

Can't wait to see what you do to your 'blank canvas'!

Jackie said...

Exciting..ooohh even I can't wait! I couldn't load the top picture by the way.

Elliemac said...

I have only recently realised that you had wondered where I am. Well I'm trying to make a comeback and I will try not to neglect everyone again. I have been dipping in and out to see what you are up to. What is the latest on the workroom?...or shouldn't I ask. It's great to actually have a reason to spend money instead of feeling as if you have to justify it.