Thursday, December 31, 2009

The year is going, let him go

I was reminded of the Tennyson poem when I was listening to ‘The Armed Man’ the other day.

As far as I am concerned this year can’t ‘go’ quickly enough. It hasn’t been a good one to live though, although it is ending on a high – hence the rainbow.

This year I was diagnosed with a very nasty sounding disease (PBC – anyone else out there have it? I’d love to hear from you!) which has proved to be most benign at the moment – and I have learned to live for the moment.

My grandson and his fiancée were delighted to be pregnant but were told at the twenty-week scan that things were not looking good. Subsequent scans were closer to normal but there was careful monitoring and a great deal of anxiety for us all. Harley was born mid-November and is a bright, alert and absolutely gorgeous baby. I’ve had lots of ‘Harley hugs’ over Christmas and ‘Finn fixes’ and cuddles from Jack and I consider myself a most fortunate Mother, Grandmother and now Great-Grandmother. I must sound like ‘the old woman who lived in a shoe’?

And as I had a wonderful 70th birthday party in November that is probably quite true. bring it on!

Roll on 2010!


Mary said...

Hey! It's great to see you post again. I'm sorry your year wasn't so great - I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well, I hope 2010 is a better one for you. Congratulations on your birthday and on the birth of the healthy baby in the family. Have a Happy New Year!

Lyn said...

Well I am glad it has ended on a high for you. I too have mixed feelings about 2009 but have high hopes for 2010!
Wishing you a very happy 2010.


I am glad that things look brighter for you and your family.
take care.

All the best for 2010.

Sam x

Jackie said...

What a lovely photo of your party. Everyone is looking so happy for you.
We've all kicked 2009 into touch and have grabbed the 2010 ball and are running with it!