Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Croatia by Coach

Well, here I am again - feeling very frustrated. My broadband connection keeps 'disappearing (thanks again 'talktalk'!) when I get - just - to the end of a post! I've been so busy since I got back from holiday that I thought I'd better do a quick travelogue!

So many people had said that Croatia was wonderful - and I’ve been dying to go to Dubrovnik for ages – that I have to say that I was rather disappointed. Long coach journeys aren’t for me unless there’s something really interesting to see and periods of enforced inactivity don’t do it for me either.

But - this was an interesting day at the Krka Valley National Park - lots of waterfalls. Croatian ia one of those languages where they miss out all the vowels!

Of all the places we went to I liked Split the best.

The Diocletian palace was my favourite historical site. Built in 305AD as a pagan stronghold it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Monument and houses sophisticated shops, cafes and restaurants. Complete with cheesy 'Romans' - although these were a bit 'tasty' as well ...

Over 3,000 people live within the walls – and, even if you live in a palace, you have to have somewhere to hang your washing!

On to Dubrovnik, where the main streets and piazzas were very crowded with tourists from the cruise ships.

The small side streets looked very inviting and I longed to explore these but didn’t have the chance.

Then the weather arrived – yes, the kind that had followed us all the way from England! Three months without rain and it all arrived at once!

So - back home, still with webbed feet, and will blog soon about my much more active life in – for the moment – sunny Lancashire!


Jackie said...

It looks beautiful but I'm sure you would have been dying to get out on your own to the little back waters. How frustrating.
Never mind..we'll always have Marrakesh!

Mary said...

I'm sorry it wasn't what you had hoped for. Those photos look beautiful!


Lovely pics, I love the one looking down a street I think there are some real hidden treasures out there. A pity the hols were not as you planned but at least your batteries will be recharged.


Helllllloooooooooo hope your well.... I have tagged you. X

Take care :)