Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trying again

This is just to prove that I am actually doing something creative. Here is one of the 'pre-felts' that I have made towards the four pieces for the exhibition in October. I decided that sitting and looking at the work I have done wouldn't (as my Mother used to say) 'buy the baby a new bonnet' - but that's another story! Anyone heard that expression?

I think that 'procrastination' ought to be my middle name. Why do I find it so scary to actually embark on a creative project when I can quite cheerfully - well, no, quite miserably in fact, spend long hours in the middle of the night - thinking about it? Is there anyone else out there like this? If so, please tell me!

Anyway - here we go - I have tried twice to post and pass on the award that Jackie passed on to me and have been determined to do it properly this time. But 'Blogger' doesn't like it. Tough.

So here goes - which of your blogs keep me going, make me smile and generally inspire me? Well, Mary from 'White Clover Stitches' seems to spend time 'agonising' over her work, too - and she loves hydrangeas as well! Leave 'Jump Rope Girl' alone, Mary, she's lovely as she is ...

Carol of 'Textile Tales' is so generous with her tutorials and her support for a 'new girl' and 'Ellie MacPhee' is a girl after my own heart with her displacement activities. Linda from 'Blue-eyed Girl' makes me so want to get into soul journalling - but I mustn't until I've dealt with a few more UFOs. But I will - and until then I shall continue to drool over Linda's work.

'Kayla Coo' paints lovely pictures and posted pictures of Nice, which is one of my very favourite places. Sharon B of 'In a Minute Ago' is so generous with her stitches and tutorials. And I've just discovered the most mouth-watering pictures on a new (to me) blog - 'Sea Angels'. I think that's more than enough but let me just sneak in an extra 'new girl on the block' - 'Picallily and Blossom'. We new girls have to stick together and she deserves it for the whacky name alone!

When I wasn't feeling very creative myself it was lovely to lurk around your blogs, girls. Thank you for keeping me going.

Now, all I have to do is to write up the minutes of the Preston EG committee meeting (a job I hate!) and then I can start to think about packing for my hols - more of that in my next post?


Carol said...

Hi Margaret,
Thank you for the award I am thrilled
your award is extra special after the comment before it, LOL did you see it , you would think if she's going to insult me I would have a right to reply :)

Kayla coo said...

Thank you so much for the award.
How lovely of you.
It's so nice for some one to appreciate my work.
Thank you again.

Jackie said...

You've chosen some lovely blogs. Looking forward to the finished felt piece.

Mary said...

Hey Margaret!!! Thanks for the award -- you made my day!

Linda said...

Thank you Margaret - I am very honoured! Hope you get to do the journal soon. I'm off to Majorca tomorrow and have set up a travel journal which I shall be working on whilst I'm away. Please come and have a look in a weeks time.
Love Linda xx


Hi there Margaret,

Hope your having a good week. Thanks soooooooo much for the award I feel like a proper blogger now. Wonder if you could help me though as I am not sure how I actually receive the little logo to put on my page?

Thanks Sam

maggik1 said...

With great difficulty! I think (I tried so many times) I right clicked on the logo (it's the Brilliante' one BTW) and saved it with my photos and then put it in using the dashboard 'add a gadget'? I should have put it in the blog itself as well, I think. I'm finding some things sooo hard but we have to keep trying. Love the clutch bag BTW! Good luck!

Elliemac said...

Thank-you Margaret for my award - my first. Mind you I don't deserve it as I am only just catching up on reading blogs let alone posting. You are right about the displacement therapy, there is always something else to do, instead what you want to do.