Tuesday, July 29, 2008

...as if by maggik!

Now here's the same room on Saturday - see, I knew there was a bed under there somewhere! Why did I clear it all away? The impending arrival of HRH Finlay William, better known as Finn, my youngest grandson , who came to stay for the night.

I just love it when he offers advice - "Mamma, (that's Grandma) eat your porridge from around the edge of the dish so it won't be too hot" is one little gem! Wise words from someone who's only two and three-quarters!


Jackie said...

That is incredible. If I did that, the cupboards would be loaded like traps..too dangerous to stand near.

Elliemac said...

To think it was your blog that made me take the plunge and join in. Now I find out there is more in common .......
Problems with pictures
Techno Phobia
Untidy workrooms
Shoes that are not sensible
and Pimm's.
Oh gosh! What is Goggle Reader? There's just so much to learn.