Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Holy Day

I couldn’t sleep yesterday because I was still in ‘bloggiland’ I think. Was awake from three and got up at five and came down to write a new post – which I (just about) managed to do. Spent ages on the computer and nearly ‘chickened out’ of doing some work on the felt piece – but I have to have some work to put on here? – so cut up the pre-felts.

Then I was off to Church to open it up for ‘Open Day’. It was cool and calm and I was able to pray and meditate. I then did some hand-stitching (à la Arlee?) Tacked the felt pieces together and then stitched a felt bag. No visitors today but I did get a lovely cup of tea – and a cake – from the ‘Coffee and Chat’ people who were in the Church Hall. Came away feeling refreshed and peaceful.

Back again for a rehearsal of ‘The Armed Man – a Mass for Peace’ by Karl Jenkins, which our Churches’ Together choir are performing in September. We did this last year and have been asked to do it again. It is a very powerful piece, very moving and puts the anti-war message across so powerfully. It moves us to tears occasionally.

It’s nice for me to do a piece I already know because singing is a bit like blogging for me – hard work! I can’t read music and have to learn something ‘by heart’. Thanks to all those sopranos who can sing and with whom I ‘sing along’. The only problem is that I can’t quite reach the very top notes and have to mime those! I would sing the alto part but I don’t think my little brain could cope with learning to read music as well as everything else! Oh, how I wish I had stuck at those piano lessons as a child!

Here's a picture of a lovely delphinium in my tiny courtyard garden. What a blue! Took my cup of tea outside when I got up - at five again! - this morning and there it was to 'make my day'. Sometimes it's just the little things?
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Jackie said...

What a fabulous blue. I love delphiniums, but so do slugs....


Welcome to the world of blogging lol.

From one Margaret to another.

Maureen said...

I've never been able to read music, bit like maths and i couldn't do that either, solved my poblem as i played Tambourine in the church music group -no music to read! - thanks for the comments on my blog and keep up your good work.

Chris' Greetings from the Shady Grove said...

I do love delphiniums. They are among my favorites, with such amazing blues and purples. Thanks for sharing. Welcome to the blogosphere. Good luck with those early morning wake ups! That happens to me all the time.

Fi@84 said...

Congratulations on getting the blog going.