Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hay Fever, Sweet Peas - and Wylde Women!

Just had another very busy day and wasn't going to post but just wanted to thank Paula from 'The Beauty of Life' for the awards!!! It feels a bit like getting an 'Oscar' and I want to make a speech thanking everyone who has helped me get this blog started. You know who you are! Air kisses all round! I love the titles - the 'Wylde Woman' award and the 'Just plain fun to read!' I'm so excited!

I'll find out what I have to do with them - there just is so much to learn.

I've just finished the little notebook in the picture based on a photo of some sweet peas and it's all I've got to show at the moment - must get making and finish some UFOs!

Playing hookey again today - went to the Royal Exchange theatre in Manchester to see 'Hay Fever'. A very stylish production and well acted but - you could tell there was a 'but? - I just don't know what it is about Noel Coward, I find it so difficult to empathise with his characters. They need a smack!


Jackie said...

Congratulations on the award and the sweet sweet-pea needlecase.

Elaine said...

Adore the sweet pea needlecase. It is a delightful technique and your fab colour sense wins out yet once more.

Thanks for lovely hospitality yesterday in the midst of not quite overload(!)

Bet you are singing away today .... "here I go again!"

I WILL switch the TV off and not leave it on standby etc. etc.

Decided, I think, what to do with my naturally dyed wool etc. Will do some more of my Nuno book cover today but trying to decide whether to hoover first or after. Think after wins.
Loads of love