Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More old friends

Monday was another 'catching up with old friends' day. Sarah and I taked solidly for five hours - we haven't seen each other for ages and had lots to catch up on! We met on a Drama course in Stratford-on-Avon on what seems like only yesterday - but when we worked it out it was 25 years ago! So we celebrated! A white wine spritzer! Another coffee! And we shopped! I have to tell you that I bought nothing - well, no clothes or shoes, which are the only things that count, surely?

She's much younger than me, of course, and still working, which accounts for the infrequency of our meetings. I was reflecting, as I limped home (when will I learn to distinguish between shoes that are comfortable and shoes which only look nice?) on how many teachers I know who had started off their careers as teachers of Drama and have ended up with very responsible jobs? The last time I sent Sarah a text suggesting one of our cinema visits she replied that, sorry, she couldn't because she was in Athens at an International Baccalaureate seminar! I love it! So, those 'people' skills obviously come in very handy ...

Lovely to put the world to rights and share a few of our common opinions - who said 'obsessions'? I've said too much for one day but I can feel a rant coming on - maybe tomorrow?

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Elliemac said...

Rest easy. No I can't fit into the corsets I have posted. I have got a couple I can fit, when I am brave enough and have one too many Pimms maybe I will put up a picture. Your right everyone is so helpful.