Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hay Fever, Sweet Peas - and Wylde Women!

Just had another very busy day and wasn't going to post but just wanted to thank Paula from 'The Beauty of Life' for the awards!!! It feels a bit like getting an 'Oscar' and I want to make a speech thanking everyone who has helped me get this blog started. You know who you are! Air kisses all round! I love the titles - the 'Wylde Woman' award and the 'Just plain fun to read!' I'm so excited!

I'll find out what I have to do with them - there just is so much to learn.

I've just finished the little notebook in the picture based on a photo of some sweet peas and it's all I've got to show at the moment - must get making and finish some UFOs!

Playing hookey again today - went to the Royal Exchange theatre in Manchester to see 'Hay Fever'. A very stylish production and well acted but - you could tell there was a 'but? - I just don't know what it is about Noel Coward, I find it so difficult to empathise with his characters. They need a smack!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More old friends

Monday was another 'catching up with old friends' day. Sarah and I taked solidly for five hours - we haven't seen each other for ages and had lots to catch up on! We met on a Drama course in Stratford-on-Avon on what seems like only yesterday - but when we worked it out it was 25 years ago! So we celebrated! A white wine spritzer! Another coffee! And we shopped! I have to tell you that I bought nothing - well, no clothes or shoes, which are the only things that count, surely?

She's much younger than me, of course, and still working, which accounts for the infrequency of our meetings. I was reflecting, as I limped home (when will I learn to distinguish between shoes that are comfortable and shoes which only look nice?) on how many teachers I know who had started off their careers as teachers of Drama and have ended up with very responsible jobs? The last time I sent Sarah a text suggesting one of our cinema visits she replied that, sorry, she couldn't because she was in Athens at an International Baccalaureate seminar! I love it! So, those 'people' skills obviously come in very handy ...

Lovely to put the world to rights and share a few of our common opinions - who said 'obsessions'? I've said too much for one day but I can feel a rant coming on - maybe tomorrow? if by maggik!

Now here's the same room on Saturday - see, I knew there was a bed under there somewhere! Why did I clear it all away? The impending arrival of HRH Finlay William, better known as Finn, my youngest grandson , who came to stay for the night.

I just love it when he offers advice - "Mamma, (that's Grandma) eat your porridge from around the edge of the dish so it won't be too hot" is one little gem! Wise words from someone who's only two and three-quarters!


Here is a picture of my 'workroom' on Friday. You will note the array - or should that be disarray? - of things brought back from courses that never got put back 'where they should go' when I got home. And I suspect that that little gremlin that sneaks into Jackie's house has been at work in mine. Darn it!


I'm having real problems posting more than one photograph - when I try to put a second one in, I lose everything! Most frustrating - but I expect that's the nature of things when you start something new and 'techie'? I've decided to do these one at a time. So, here goes - this is a picture of the French pique-nique at Liz's house on Friday. Ignore the Pimm's (very English, but very nice on a hot afternoon and the hummous, rather Greek) the biscuits were very French! They were pink - sorry, 'rose'...
I just want to clear up any misconceptions you may have about me. I don't do the French because I have a house in France (although it's top of my wish list when I win the lottery) but because I'm intent on challenging the old - and I do mean old - brain. Some days it's just too much of a struggle (it's the verbs!) but oh! the sense of fulfilment when a long-forgotten word just 'pops' into your head! Anyway, it keeps me on my toes!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Old friends, new babies and 'incorrect passwords'

I'm posting today to say sorry to all those people to whom I haven't yet replied. I have had such problems with 'incorrect passwords' that I've wanted to scream! Tried everything under the sun - managed to send myself an e-mail? - but couldn't post comments on your blogs. Of course, Jackie knew the answer all along - I had to be 'signed in'. So simple....

A week of meeting up with old friends - and making the acquaintance of a 'new' (to me) baby. A delightful day with Sue and Becky (only 'old' in the sense of having known them a long time, you understand - they are both much younger than me - but then isn't everyone?) and the chance to meet a delightful little girl who has inherited her Mother's good looks, cheerful nature and, it seems, her beautiful voice.

These are two more of the 'amazing ladies' in my life. Sue is my spiritual mentor and has been 'there' for me and a constant support through the darkest days of my life. I intend to write about more 'amazing ladies' who have inspired me in all sorts of ways in future blogs.

Two more old friends visited this morning. Sheila and Brian are amazing too. They now live 'daan sawth' but visit 'oop north' from time to time. I do so miss having regular contact with these two - they are so kind-hearted and full of common sense and have a wonderful sense of humour. Again, we've all been through dark days together and we will continue to support each other.

The picture is of a cushion I made for my 'new' bedroom and which is one of the few things that I actually finished - so, as a consequence it got touted around whenever there was an exhibition. I christened it 'TBC' (that bl***y cushion). Somehow a photograph of it ended up in 'Workbox'. I then felt that I had to treat it with much more deference so instead of picking it up by a corner and 'flinging' it when I got into bed I now pick it up and place it on a stool instead. Respect, innit! One day (?) I will make the curtain to my en-suite to go with it ....

Finished off yesterday by going to my French 'conversational' group for the last session of the summer. Only four of the usual six were present along with Micheline who tries to keep us on the straight and narrow - ie. actually speak French. A 'party' atmosphere and we were able to sit outside at Liz's house - until the rain came down - in buckets!!!
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Holy Day

I couldn’t sleep yesterday because I was still in ‘bloggiland’ I think. Was awake from three and got up at five and came down to write a new post – which I (just about) managed to do. Spent ages on the computer and nearly ‘chickened out’ of doing some work on the felt piece – but I have to have some work to put on here? – so cut up the pre-felts.

Then I was off to Church to open it up for ‘Open Day’. It was cool and calm and I was able to pray and meditate. I then did some hand-stitching (à la Arlee?) Tacked the felt pieces together and then stitched a felt bag. No visitors today but I did get a lovely cup of tea – and a cake – from the ‘Coffee and Chat’ people who were in the Church Hall. Came away feeling refreshed and peaceful.

Back again for a rehearsal of ‘The Armed Man – a Mass for Peace’ by Karl Jenkins, which our Churches’ Together choir are performing in September. We did this last year and have been asked to do it again. It is a very powerful piece, very moving and puts the anti-war message across so powerfully. It moves us to tears occasionally.

It’s nice for me to do a piece I already know because singing is a bit like blogging for me – hard work! I can’t read music and have to learn something ‘by heart’. Thanks to all those sopranos who can sing and with whom I ‘sing along’. The only problem is that I can’t quite reach the very top notes and have to mime those! I would sing the alto part but I don’t think my little brain could cope with learning to read music as well as everything else! Oh, how I wish I had stuck at those piano lessons as a child!

Here's a picture of a lovely delphinium in my tiny courtyard garden. What a blue! Took my cup of tea outside when I got up - at five again! - this morning and there it was to 'make my day'. Sometimes it's just the little things?
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Posted by PicasaI'm totally overwhelmed by all the comments you lovely people out there have left for me. Paula said that it was probably the most comments she'd ever seen on someone's first blog - and we all know why, don't we? That Jackie! What a lovely post you wrote - thank you once again.
I have to tell you people out there who only know this lady in cyberspace that she truly is the kindest and most generous person you could ever wish to meet - and as funny 'in the flesh' as she is on her blog.
Which leaves me with the problem of how can I 'live up' to this introduction. I've been reading all of your blogs for ages (via Dogdaisychains of course) and can't quite believe that you've read mine! And been kind enough to comment ... When I've worked out how to do things - like reply to comments, etc. - I will do, but for now please accept this as a general 'Thank You'.
This is my first 'post' all on my own and there seem to be so many things to think about that I'm not sure it'll even make it out there? I'm going to try to put a photo in, add a title, etc but it's all so scary!My photo is of a pool in the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakesh, where I went with my daughter, Suzanne, in April. (I'll tell you more about my family later.) I'm trying to make a felted piece based on this photograph but I find the 'design process' even scarier than the 'blogging' one. Paula says that blogging has improved her stitching immensely ... just hope I can say the same?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Here we go!

Welcome to my blog. I thought I'd start with something that I was reasonably satisfied with. I made this piece of nuno felt on a course recently and - for once - was quite pleased with it. I feel that I could work on this technique. That's unusual for me - usually it just goes in the UFO box!
This reminds me of a beach on the Isle of Man where I went in the spring with my two dear friends Mags and Adrienne. A really 'blowy' day - but one to put in the 'memory box'.

The fact that you're able to read this at all is all down to my dear friend Jackie who has encouraged me to start blogging and sat here whilst I did lots of 'daft things'. A very patient lady - thanks, Jackie.
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